Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Looooong Week

So both girls are sick, no school, lots of whining and dosing of various medicines. Not my most favorite thing to do ever. At this point the kids are well enough to bounce off the walls, but still potential carriers. They have also both decided they need to be touching me at all times. To take my mind off my impending flight to Mexico, here are some pictures:

Finished! I still haven't decided whose baby they're going to. If any of you pregnant ladies are particularly attached, let me know. However, I have most of a ball of yarn left, so these little mittens may just be my carry-around work for fall.

And speaking of fall, our teeny tiny fall garden is coming along nicely.

I don't think frost will be an issue anytime soon (88 degrees this afternoon) but I may very well forget to water them. I'm hoping to add on, and put some more plants in containers, but we may have to wait for next spring to really move in to the yard. Being close to a creek is nice for turtle watching, but not so nice in terms of mosquito population. And I feel weird about dousing the babies in pesticides for some reason... so we don't hang out in the yard that much. We need a fan- I've heard those make the most difference in getting rid of bugs. Any tips?

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xieferris said...

your rosemary might help... it has bug repellent properties.