Thursday, September 18, 2008


There's been a some nice fall weather for the last week- I unpacked boxes of sweaters and winter clothes for everyone that I wasn't planning on unpacking for another month or so. And I have an overwhelming impulse to buy canned pumpkin. Is that weird?

I LOVE fall. It's hands down my favorite season, cozy and anticipatory. Lots of bread and cookies and apples and stew, and knitting no longer feels unthinkable in the heat.

So far, though, it's also meant really dim gray mornings. Chase brought me coffee in bed this morning, which was incredibly sweet, but I really shouldn't have been in bed at that point anyway. My body can't tell the difference between 4 and 7 in this weather. The Pacific Northwest is out as a potential home, ever. Also the dim morning means that I can't put up any pictures of the quilt I'm working on for show and tell. I can't believe I'm really about 3 rows from done. This thing has been the never ending quilt, but I love it. As soon as we get some good picture sun, I'll take some pictures.

I love the new fall routines of school and homework and getting more involved in our community, but it can also feel overwhelmingly scheduled, when I tend to treasure and hold tight to any unscripted time I have already. So it's kind of bizarre that I decided to start blogging again. Oh well.

And in lieu of a quilt picture, there's Jane, demonstrating her kind of fall-ish behavior. That particular climb did not actually end in a fall.

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Anonymous said...

whoa, i didnt know you guys had a rhodes. that's neat!